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The FastFerment System is a one-stage fermenter, which allows brewers to do primary and secondary fermenting in the same unit saving approximately 80% of the time and labour making a batch of beer or wine compared to using conventional buckets and carboys.

Less equipment means less clutter

It is more sanitary because in a primary bucket, brewers have 100% direct contact of product to dead yeast and sediment on the bottom. The FastFerment System reduces the contact surface of product to sediment on the bottom by 99% with a 1" ball valve making some of the cleanest and purest homebrew.

With the mechanism of the ball valve and couplers, approximately a foot off of the sediment elevates the FastFerment. These two factors allow for a complete follow through on the fermentation without disturbing the process when racking.

When the fermentation is complete, brewers can easily close the ball valve, which isolates the product from the sediment on the bottom, open the coupler, and remove the ball. Then, either filter or bottle directly from the unit with the hose barb coupler included

The FastFerment is Better than other Conical Fermenters

The downfall of all other conical fermenters is that brewers have to ferment the product with the valve closed and the sediment accumulates above the valve. When the fermentation is complete, they have to flush it out by opening the valve and flushing the sediment out the bottom.

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Why Use FastFerment?

1. Guaranteed Consistent Batches

2. Primary & Secondary Fermentation in the Same Container

3. No Transfers & No Racking - 80% Less Work

4. Better Quality Product with No Sediment Contamination

5. Increased Sanitation with Less Contamination

6. Less Oxygen Exposure

7. Ability to Harvest Yeast & Save for Reuse

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FAQs About FastFerment

1. Made with HDPE: Food Grade

2. Heights:
    On wall mounts from bottom of collection ball:
    To top of Airlock: 35.5", 90cm
    To top of Lid: 32", 81cm

    In the Stand:
    To top of Airlock: 37", 94cm
    To top of Lid: 33.5", 85cm

3. Widths:
    With Wall Mounting Bolts: 14.75", 37.5cm
    Without Wall Mounting Bolts: 14.25", 36cm

4. 7.9 US Gallons/ 30 Litres

5. 1" (2.5cm) Teflon Seated Union Valve

6. 6" (15cm) Removable Screw Top Lid

FastFerment User Reviews

"This will be batch number 4 that I've put into the fermentor. I've been fermenting a new batch in the fast fermentor every two weeks since it arrived. Now that I've got the process worked out I love this thing. It's definitely made things faster and easier. I especially like the ability to drop out the trub before pitching yeast and the ease of repitching into the next batch. What would be really sweet is a cap that you could screw onto the top of the ball to completely seal it. The stopper that was included works pretty well, but I had it slip out on me at least once. The first three batches I ran through were all from the same yeast culture (WLP001). I've got 7.5+ gallons of Kolsch in primary right now."
Tristan Laszewski - Homebrewer

"Cleaning was easy. Although this wasn't dirty when it arrived I still did PBW & Star San, cleaning and rinsing were a breeze and already make this worth it. The wide opening at the top makes it real easy to reach inside and clean".
Brendon - Homebrewer

"The FastRack team is at it again, their new one FastFerment is looking like an interesting addition to the conical fermenter category!"
Scott Moskowitz - The Brewing Network

"I haven't been this excited about a product in forever! Ordered 2 but thinking we need at least 5."
Angie C. (FastFerment Preorder Customer)

FastFerment on Wall Brackets

FastFerment Kit

Accessories Available in Store

New Features and Benefits

1. Easy Cleaning and Batch Stirring - 6" (15cm) removable screw top

2. Total Capacity 7.9 US Gallons/ 30 Litres - Made for 5 - 7 Gallon batches with blow offs

3. Easy Wall Mounting System - Mounts to standard 16" (40cm) wall studs

4. 33% Bigger Valve for Increased Flow Rate - 1" (2.5cm) Bottom valve compared vs. 3/4" (2cm)

5. Collection Ball for Yeast Harvesting - Save $100's & harvest your Yeast Strains!

6. Temp. Monitoring Capabilities - ThermoWell included - Thermometer Avail.

Kit Contents

1. One 7.9 US Gallon / 30 Litre Conical Fermenter

2. 6" (15cm) Screw Top, Grommet & Airlock

3. Bottom Collection Ball For Harvesting Yeast

4. 1" Union Teflon Valve and fittings

5. Wall Mounts (2), Mounting Bolts & Anchors (4)

6. 1/2" (1.25cm) PVC Hose (4’/120cm) & Hose Clamp

7. Permanent Thermowell for Temperature Monitoring

8. Instructions

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Conical fermenters offer superior performance for beer & wine making versus traditional carboys and pails. In the past, Conical Fermenters were too expensive for the average homebrewer or winemaker but we have changed that with FastFerment.

All you need is a Beer or Wine kit and a FastFerment!

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