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FastRack, the latest homebrew tool to make homebrewing easier, faster and even more enjoyable! Homebrewers are updating their homebrew supplies from old bottle trees to brand new FastRacks today!

Getting Started

Empty or clean bottles are inserted upside down
making them secure and uniform.
Each rack holds 24 bottles and fits into any
standard size beer box.

Drain & Dry

Dry your beer bottles & avoid contamination by never having contact on the inside of the bottles. Ever had a ruined batch? We have, it sucked and we never wanted it again.

Rack & Stack

Rack and stack saving space and time. 96 beer bottles
take up the same footprint as 24 beer bottles.
Did you see the kick in the video? YES they ARE secure!

Collect & Store

Keep your empties organized, stored safely and out of your Sweatheart's way until your next homebrew batch. A happy nest is the best nest - FastRack: the peace making marriage saver!

Tired of setting up and taking down your bulky bottle tree that takes up half your closet? Yea, no kidding.
Use FastRack to safely store your empties. FastRack is the best drying system for your sanitized bottles.


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Reviews from Around the World

Brian - Strange Brewing, Massachusetts
"I am putting in my order today!"
Frank Gabo
"Awesome idea. I could see this replacing the bottle tree when sanitizing bottles for homebrew."
Design You Trust
"Simply load up 24 bottles upside down, allowing them to drain, and even stack multiple FastRacks."
"Love it! I would like to use a few of these instead of a big beer tree."
"We especially like its cleaning and storage aspect for home brewers."
"I Like your design. It looks like a much better alternative to the bottle tree."

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